Work with the law students on human rights issues continues in Montenegro

A new generation of legislation pupils in Montenegro will attend the human rights authorized clinic. A new stage of authorized clinic was introduced on 03 March 2022, bringing with each other college students from three regulation schools, with the aim to broaden their functional awareness and abilities on the problems related to domestic violence, defense of ladies, young children and other “gender minorities”, mainly LGBTIQ inhabitants.

Constructing upon the final results accomplished so significantly, the motion “Enhanced procedural safeguards in judicial proceedings in Montenegro” will focus on the enhancement of the do the job of authorized clinic, consequently making sure its sustainability. The action is aiming to offer a new technology of regulation learners with the vital practical information on human rights issues, particularly connected to the legal rights of susceptible teams.

The work will be organised in two semesters, concentrating the two on the theoretical and practical know-how. An important component of the lawful clinics will be co-operation with community associates among the the pertinent law corporations, regional and nationwide governmental bodies, or organizations, and/or the non-governmental sector.

At the same time, the motion is effective in the direction of enabling the access to totally free lawful assist through the authorized clinic, generally for victims of domestic violence. Thus, pupils will be operating with the serious purchasers on serious situations, which will present hands-on experience for them. A popular basic principle is that pupils are not authorized to give legal guidance on their individual, consequently capable mentors/lawyers will work hand in hand with learners, supervising their perform.

In line with formulated thought, the human legal rights legal clinic will be applied during 2022.

The action “Improved procedural safeguards in judicial proceedings in Montenegro” is a portion of the joint European Union/Council of Europe programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022”.