What is a war crime, and could Putin be prosecuted over Ukraine?

By Dominic Casciani
Legal correspondent, BBC Information

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has explained an assault on a maternity and children’s healthcare facility as a “war criminal offense”.

It may possibly not seem like it, but “even war has principles”, as the International Committee of the Red Cross places it.

What is a war crime?

Civilians simply cannot be deliberately attacked – nor can the infrastructure that is essential to their survival.

Some weapons are banned since of the indiscriminate or appalling suffering they cause – these as anti-staff landmines and chemical or biological weapons.

The unwell and wounded should be cared for – which include injured troopers, who have legal rights as prisoners of war.

Other guidelines prohibit torture and genocide – the deliberate attempt to wipe out a specific group of men and women.

Significant offences through war this sort of as murder, rape or mass persecution of a team, are recognised as “crimes towards humanity”.

What allegations of war crimes have there been in Ukraine?

There have also been reviews that Russian troops have specific fleeing Ukrainian civilians.

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Spots of Kharkiv have been greatly destroyed by missile and rocket attacks

Neither Russia nor Ukraine have signed up to a throughout the world ban on their use, but these incidents could continue to be viewed as a war criminal offense.

A lot of specialists argue the invasion itself is a crime underneath the thought of aggressive warfare – additional on that down below.

How are suspected war criminals pursued?

Every single state has a obligation to look into suspected war crimes.

Some nations do so extra than many others.

In the Uk, senior law enforcement officers have offered to help gather evidence of opportunity crimes in Ukraine.

How can suspected war criminals be prosecuted?

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Théoneste Bagosora died although serving a 35-year sentence for his part in the 1994 Rwandan genocide

These days, the Global Prison Courtroom (ICC) and the Worldwide Court of Justice (ICJ) have roles upholding the regulations of war.

The Global Court docket of Justice

The ICJ procedures on disputes concerning states, but cannot prosecute persons. Ukraine has started a circumstance there in opposition to Russia more than the invasion.

But Russia – 1 of five lasting members of the UNSC – could veto any proposal to sanction it.

The International Legal Court

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Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials involved Hermann Goring, Rudolf Hess and Joachim von Ribbentrop

Nuremberg cemented the theory that states could concur to set up a special court to uphold international regulation.

Can the ICC prosecute offences in Ukraine?

If you will find proof from men and women, the prosecutor will request ICC judges to problem arrest warrants to deliver them to demo – which would be held in The Hague.

This is the place the functional restrictions on the court’s energy develop into evident.

The courtroom won’t have its very own law enforcement drive. It relies on states to arrest suspects.

But Russia is not a member of the court – it pulled out in 2016. President Putin would not extradite any suspects.

If a suspect went to another region, they could be arrested – but which is a really significant if.

Could President Putin or other leaders be prosecuted?

It is much a lot easier to pin a war crime on a soldier who commits it, than the leaders who purchased them to shoot.

But the ICC can also prosecute the offence of “waging aggressive war”.

This is the crime of an unjustified invasion or conflict, beyond justifiable armed forces action in self-defence.

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It originated at Nuremberg, after the choose sent by Moscow persuaded the Allies that the Nazis leaders should face justice for “crimes against peace”.

Here’s the issue: Professor Philippe Sands QC, an qualified on global law at College Higher education London, claims the ICC couldn’t prosecute Russia’s leaders for this offence simply because the state is just not a signatory to the courtroom.

In idea, the UN Protection Council could talk to the ICC to look into this offence. But again, Russia could veto this as one particular of the council’s 5 long lasting users.

So is there any any other way to prosecute individuals?

The performance of the ICC – and the way international law plays out in observe – rely not just on treaties, but politics and diplomacy.

And Prof Sands and lots of other experts argue that like Nuremberg, the alternative lies after a lot more in diplomacy and worldwide agreement.