Tips To Create An Effective Customer Success Dashboard

A customer success dashboard is a vital tool that helps a business keep track of the health of customer relationships in real-time. It provides critical information about the revenue generation activities of businesses and their level of success or failure. The dashboard offers insights into the different aspects of the customer journey, which helps formulate the right market expansion strategies. Every effective customer success platform has an equally meaningful dashboard for measuring customer happiness and satisfaction.   

Learning More About A Customer Success Dashboard

A customer success dashboard is software that provides data about key metrics and performance indicators impacting customer journeys. The dashboard offers this data as live graphs, numeric details, and comparison charts. The dashboards often vary according to who views them and for what purpose. So, the dashboard for the customer success manager monitoring the outcome of a B2B SaaS referral program may be significantly different from the dashboard of VP Customer Support.

Tips for Creating an Effective Customer Success Dashboard

A customer success dashboard is a critical business tool requiring careful planning. Some essential things for a business to consider in this context include the following.

  1. Choice Of The Platform: The choice of the customer success platform plays a significant role in creating an effective dashboard. The platform should be able to track and measure the key metrics impacting customer success. The platform should be in tandem with the business needs and offer seamless integration with existing customer relationship systems, data sources, and tools. The platform should be capable of handling large volumes of data and information in real-time and reflecting accurate details. There are some good platforms like GainSight, Totango, ZapScale, ChurnZero available in the market. 
  1. Identify The Metrics To Track: Creating an effective customer success dashboard requires identifying the key metrics to track. An effective customer success platform provides the necessary data to shortlist these metrics as per predefined objectives and business objectives. The metrics selected should provide valuable insights about past and current customer activities and behaviors. The metrics should also offer information about churn and retention rates and the overall customer health reports. 
  1. User-Friendly Design: The dashboard design should be clean and straightforward. The design should facilitate getting essential information with the help of visual elements such as graphs and charts. Most importantly, the design should be scalable so that users may customize it according to their needs. A team manager looking to access a specific metric for a B2B SaaS referral program for an individual customer should be able to do so without calling in technical support.  
  1. Send Alerts And Notifications: It is essential to ensure that the dashboard sends alerts and notifications about any significant changes in customer satisfaction levels. Keeping track of such critical events is necessary to take proactive measures to improve customer health and reduce churn. For a customer success dashboard to work efficiently, a business should consider incorporating live data feeds into it. It ensures that the people viewing the dashboard get up-to-the-minute updates about any changes in key metrics. 
  1. Ensure Ease of Access: A business should ensure the dashboard is easily accessible from almost any device. The dashboard should feature a mobile responsive design to enhance its usability. Integration with an effective customer success platform is also essential to provide real-time updates to remote users. However, limiting access to authorized personnel is equally important to prevent misuse of vital customer data. Using relevant security measures is essential for maintaining data privacy and security.  

A customer success dashboard makes it easier for a business to monitor customer health and satisfaction. An efficient dashboard provides critical data for the business to take the necessary steps to pave the way for great customer journeys.

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