The One Trick That Can Help You Find the Best Shopify SEO Services for Your Online Store

What a lot of digital marketers fail to communicate clearly to their clients – many of whom are not as knowledgeable with respect to SEO or platform development as they are – is that there is little to no difference between SEO on one platform over the other.

So Shopify SEO services are effectively the same as BigCommerce SEO services, despite what you may have been told.

This is not to suggest that there are not technical difference between the two platforms; there are plenty.

But what it is to suggest is that the core tenets of SEO, being on and off page SEO, technical SEO, and content (and which have nothing to do with platform anyway) are exactly the same.

Now, with that said, here’s a tip that can help you find the best Shopify SEO services for your online store – and it has nothing to do with the platform.

For the SEO Savvy…

First, a note. If you are looking for the best Shopify SEO services for your business and you are not a stranger to SEO, open up a tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs.

Use one of these tools to pull out a few keywords that are relevant to your industry and which contain “SEO.” For instance, if you sell flowers, look for something like “flower shop SEO services.”

For this exercise, do the exact opposite of what SEO experts do; look for the most difficult possible keywords with greatest number of results and highest search volume.

Make sure also that they are relevant to your industry. If you want, you can make them Shopify-related but this is not necessary. Get 5 or 6 of these.

If you aren’t SEO-savvy, you just need to come up with a few keywords that are relevant to your industry or which contain “Shopify” in the query. Think keywords like “Shopify SEO services,” “Shopify SEO,” or “Shopify SEO agency.”

Then, proceed to the following steps.

Check the Google Search Results

Take those keywords and plop them into Google, then see what comes up in the organic search results in spots 1, 2, and 3.

Ignore the ads. Agencies and other content providers can basically buy the ad space so it has no bearing on their organic capabilities.

The reason you wanted to go with really high difficulty keywords is that you want to see what agencies and service providers will show up in the organic search results (explanation in the next section).

You can also ignore any results that aren’t for service providers. Consider only those that offer SEO services and take a look through their websites.

See if they offer services specifically for your industry or for Shopify, then take a look through their reviews.

Give them a call and see if you can come up with a contract that suits both of your needs well, but remember, some search engine optimization specialists do not require contracts.

How This Can Help You Find the Best Shopify SEO Services for Your Online Store

The reason to look for the best Shopify SEO services in the organic search results is that you can literally see how effective their services can be.

Any agency that ranks organically for high-difficulty keywords in extremely competitive markets must know how SEO works. If not, they wouldn’t be ranking so effectively.

This is why you want to ignore the ads. They can be bought, whereas SEO must be earned.

The bottom line is this. Building a search engine-friendly web page, with a great user experience, fast page speeds, internal links, product descriptions and images optimized is not easy to do.

If they can’t do it for their own website, how will they ever do it for your Shopify website?

This is the ticket to higher organic traffic and sales, and it’s the number one way to find the best Shopify SEO services – so start scouring the organic search results.

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