Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick reveals intent behind racist ‘invasion’ immigration talk

Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s most up-to-date endeavor to gin up anti-immigrant fervor borrows from a common playbook. 

On Tuesday, Patrick appeared on Fox News to fearmonger about migrants who’ve been apprehended at the border. Inspite of border apprehensions staying a indication that U.S. immigration enforcement is operating — at minimum on some amount — Patrick utilized info on apprehensions to counsel America is struggling with an “invasion.” He then applied that exaggerated, wartime language to justify violence in opposition to immigrants (in his text, “putting palms on people”) and compares migrants searching for refuge and a better existence in the United States to Pearl Harbor, just one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the nation’s background. 

Pay attention to his lunacy right here: 

In just around two minutes, Patrick mentions his motivation to “put arms on people” on 3 different instances. This is just not accidental. As I wrote final yr, popular conservatives have been contacting for officials to categorize immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as an “invasion” in buy to let officials to treat migrants with the identical violence and pressure they may well handle an enemy combatant. It is a disgusting theory that obtained momentum on the fringes of the conservative motion but has designed its way into the mainstream.

Republicans like Patrick want Individuals to worry non-white immigrants coming to the United States, and they use cribbed stories and stats to invent an imminent risk. In the video clip over, for example, he promises a United Nations report that found the U.S.-Mexico border is a single of the deadliest in the earth presents grounds for a lot more violent carry out toward immigrants.

The challenge with that?

The U.S.-Mexico border was named one of the world’s deadliest in a latest U.N. report. But that’s mainly because it is deadliest for migrants, not Individuals residing in the U.S. 

In other phrases, the report is grounds for a lot more compassionate and accepting immigration procedures — not fewer.

But Dan Patrick and his Texas Republican cronies won’t care.