Skin Whitening Treatment in Delhi

A Guide to Skin Whitening Treatments

Pollution, stress and an unbalanced diet can have a serious detrimental impact on skin tone. There are various treatments available for treating such issues as melisma, dark spots and an uneven tone to improve complexion and skin whitening treatments may help.

Although your natural skin color is determined by genes, many people opt for Skin Whitening Treatment in order to enhance their beauty and appearance. Below are some safe methods that can help achieve this goal.


Exfoliation should be an integral component of every comprehensive facial routine, as new skin cells continue to push out old ones that accumulate on the surface and, without proper removal, result in dull, scaly and rough-looking skin. Exfoliating helps remove these dead cells while simultaneously stimulating cell renewal – which may reduce fine lines and wrinkles by upping cellular renewal levels.

Exfoliation options range from physical scrubs and chemical peels, which may be too harsh for most individuals, and chemical peels may have unpleasant side effects like hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin tone). Instead, dermatologists may suggest gentle exfoliators containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids as an alternative means of clearing away dead cells without harming facial structures.

Sandalwood, turmeric and yoghurt are excellent natural options for exfoliation that can help brighten and even out skin tone, lighten scaly patches and provide relief. In addition, these ingredients act as humectants to keep skin hydrated and keep its overall condition in balance.

To determine the ideal type of exfoliation for you, press a tissue against your cheek. If there are dry flakes present, this indicates dry skin; if oily spots exist then that indicates oily skin; otherwise if neither exist then that indicates normal skin. You should then choose an exfoliant that meets these criteria.


Hydroquinone is a key component in skin-lightening creams and works by inhibiting melanin production – the natural pigment responsible for darkening your skin – in your body. While hydroquinone can help with hyperpigmentation spots, its use should only be done according to its prescribed usage instructions as overusing can make your skin sensitive and dry; initially you might experience some minor irritation but this will subside as your body adapts.

Hydroquinone may lead to ochronosis when administered at high concentrations, a condition whereby areas where cream has been applied darken in color over time. However, this risk only exists with prescription-strength formulas administered under medical supervision.

Hydroquinone may irritate and even cause allergic reactions in some users; if you experience such adverse reactions it is important to discontinue use immediately and visit a dermatologist as soon as possible.

For long-term solutions to hyperpigmentation, laser treatments offer the ideal solution. Laser treatment lightens your complexion by clearing away dead skin cells accumulated at the surface resulting in brighter, healthier-looking complexion.

Azelaic Acid

Reports of mutagenicity and epidemics of ochronosis linked to common whitening/lightening agents like hydroquinone, kojic acid and benzoyl peroxide has led dermatologists to search for new molecules with better toxicological profiles while still having effective lightening/whitening capabilities such as azelaic acid from yeast which has less potency than glycolic and lactic acids, making it easier for skin tolerance.

Azelaic acid can help alleviate dark spots by targeting the pigment cells responsible for their appearance. Additionally, it reduces oil production, unclogs pores and kills bacteria associated with acne breakouts. Azelaic acid may also be effective at soothing melasma or hormonal fluctuations (such as pregnancy or taking hormone-regulating medications that trigger hyperpigmentation) that contribute to hyperpigmentation.

As with other whitening ingredients, results of Azelaic Acid treatments take time. For best results it’s advised to use a prescription product consistently over an extended period of time and ensure compliance. In order to maximize benefits it may also be combined with other skin-repair solutions such as Retinoids, Niacinamide, benzoyl Peroxide and Vitamin C treatments; Nava MD offers tailored plans and prescription products tailored specifically for your skincare needs – sign up online now and begin the transformation of your skin today!

Vitamin C

People often turn to skin whitening creams in order to tackle freckles, age spots, scars and birthmarks. These creams work by inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme which plays an integral role in melanin production thus decreasing its quantity and giving you lighter skin. Unfortunately, however, these products may be highly toxic so be sure to always read and follow all instructions on your product label when using. Also consult a dermatologist before trying such products as they can potentially cause permanent damage to both face and body.

There are safer methods available that can help whiten skin without side effects, including:

Lemon: Lemon is one of the most powerful natural bleaches, used to eliminate dark patches on skin, even out skin tone and lighten blemishes. Plus it is packed full of vitamin C which gives skin an healthy and glowy appearance!

Besan is an extremely effective ingredient for brightening and revitalizing dull skin, helping it appear healthier while improving complexion. Packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, besan is also an anti-aging remedy.

Glutathione: Glutathione is an extremely potent antioxidant that can help to decrease dark pigmentation and foster a brighter, healthier-looking complexion. You’ll find glutathione featured in numerous skin whitening serums and treatments; Taut Bright contains glutathione alongside other natural ingredients to gently whiten both face and body from within out.

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