Russian explains how he killed civilian

SONYA LUKASHOVA – Thursday, 19 May well 2022, 16:29

The prosecutor’s workplace asked the courtroom to sentence Vadim Shishimarin, a Russian serviceman accused of killing a civilian in the Sumy location, to life in jail. He pleaded guilty and apologised.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda’s correspondent from the courtroom

Estimate from Shishimarin: “On the way, Ensign Makeyev (a Russian serviceman who was driving a automobile – Ukrainska Pravda) saw a man, he was conversing on the mobile phone. Makeyev said that he would betray us, that he was contacting the military. And he gave [me] an get to shoot. I did not shoot.

Then another serviceman, sitting to the proper of the driver, turned all-around and started commanding me to shoot. And he argued that we will not reach our troops, we will not contact for help, and we are in risk.

I did not see the target at this time. I only saw him when we got nearer to him, and I fired in a short burst. That’s how I killed him.”

Russian explains how he killed civilian

Specifics: On February 24, Shishimarin and other Russian servicemen remaining Belgorod Oblast across the Ukrainian border. According to the Russian, he did not know that he was heading to battle, and had dry food stuff only for 3 days.

On the morning of February 28, Shishimarin’s convoy was travelling by way of the Sumy region to Russia to evacuate the wounded. Not considerably from the village of Hrinchenkove, they were being attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their column was broken up. Immediately after that, the Russians were still left without transport and split up into many groups. Shishimarin stayed with 4 other adult males.

Amongst the villages of Chupakhivka and Hrinchenkove, they found a guy in a Volkswagen car or truck and decided to steal the motor vehicle. The Russians shot at the motor vehicle. Its proprietor managed to escape and cover.




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They turned the car or truck around and drove to the village of Chupakhivka. They ended up organizing to access their troops. In the village, the military services saw a civilian male, 62-yr-outdated Olexander Shelipov, talking on the cellphone. They made a decision that the neighborhood gentleman desired to hand them over to Ukrainian defenders. Then Shishimarin shot Shelipov.

Just after that, the Russians ended up ambushed: community hunters engaged them in struggle. A single of the Russian servicemen was wounded. He was left on the battlefield, and died.

The Russians hid on a farm, in which they stayed until morning, and the future morning they surrendered to the locals with weapons.

Two captured Russians from this team were later on exchanged. One more testified in court. The court also questioned Kateryna Shelipova, the widow of the murdered gentleman and their neighbour.


Shishimarin is accused of violating the legal guidelines and customs of war. He has pleaded responsible and repented.