Is It Part of Being Older, or Is It ADHD?

Sometimes, not paying an invoice or losing keys can be thought to be to be a sign of age. However, for an older person who’s always lost things or, as an infant, Buy Adderall Online always forgot to submit homework, these might be a sign of ADHD.

It was believed that ADHD was just a disorder of childhood, and that the symptoms were likely to disappear once a child reached adulthood. Nowadays, we know the fact that ADHD is a life-long condition and that a lot of adults struggle daily with symptoms.

“I hit midlife feeling totally overwhelmed,” says Theresa Sullivan Barger, a writer for AARP. “I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t prioritize. I blamed it on menopausal issues or maybe just an occurrence of senior moments. However, I came across an therapist who was able to pinpoint my issue: I was suffering from an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Barger’s story is typical for those who’ve had no ADHD diagnosis as a child, however, their symptoms have been present for all of their lives.

Lack of research

A review of 2022 research about adults who are over fifty discovered a dearth of research regarding ADHD at this point in life. This review found that better information about how ADHD impacts older people is essential for a correct assessment and efficient treatment. A lack of research creates difficulties for people living with the disorder. People who are older often face difficult times finding a physician who is knowledgeable about ADHD. Because of the dearth of studies that examine the impacts of ADHD medication on this population Some doctors are hesitant to prescribe medications as treatment options.

“Many physicians either ‘don’t believe’ that a sixty-something or seventy-something could have ADHD, or simply are not experienced enough to be comfortable prescribing stimulants to older adults, given the likelihood of more complex health concerns,” write Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. Dr. Nadeau has been working for more than 30 many years diagnosing, treating and preventing ADHD. She is the creator of the Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland and is the author of Distracted Despite All the Years: Support and Help for the older adults with ADHD (Hachette 2022).


Dr. Nadeau states that some indicators of ADHD in older adults are problems with executive functioning which include low recall, forgetfulness issues in managing time and organization, as well as procrastination. The biggest challenge in determining the process of determining an ADHD diagnosis in this age range is determining if the symptoms are due with age, or ADHD.

David W. Goodman, MD is an assistant professor of psychiatry as well as behavior sciences in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the director of the Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Center in Maryland. His experience includes people at all stages of their lives.

“As we age, we will notice some forgetfulness, difficulty in recalling information quickly, losing a train of thought, and getting distracted,” Doctor. Goodman. “What is different about these symptoms in contrast to ADHD in the sense that these symptoms developed later in life, and not at the age of childhood. .”

Also, if you’ve noticed suddenly that you’re more easily distracted or forgetful, these signs might be due to ageing, but not ADHD. If you want to be eligible for the ADHD diagnosis it is necessary that your symptoms begin to manifest during childhood or in the beginning of your teens. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms for most throughout your lifetime, it’s time to be thinking about an ADHD assessment.

Getting an evaluation after forty

If you’ve never had a diagnosis previously, it’s not enough time to get it checked out. It is essential to locate an expert who is knowledgeable about ADHD and provides an exhaustive evaluation that is expected to take forty-five to fifty minutes or more. The ADHD specialist will ask you to complete an array of tests with pencils and paper, and discuss with you your the past and present experiences in relation to ADHD manifestations, and then conduct an extensive mental health evaluation as there are many co-occurring disorders that are common, according to Martin Wetzel, MD. He is Dr. Wetzel is a psychiatrist and medical director of Healthy Blue of Nebraska and an associate professor of psychotherapy in the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

A complete assessment for older adults, he suggests must also consist of “a medical evaluation which includes past medical history, current medications, [and] any history of head injury.” Dr. Wetzel also reviews a patient’s history of family members since research suggests that ADHD is a genetic disorder.

A few older adults might be wondering what the point of undergoing a thorough assessment and seeking therapy for ADHD when they’ve managed for decades with no diagnosis.

“I think knowing that you have this diagnosis is the most powerful part of the treatment because once you know you have it and you’re fairly confident you have it, Buy Adderall Online then you and your provider can map out a treatment plan that’s individualized that works for you and you can move forward,” the doctor. Wetzel.

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