How to find an NDIS Plan Manager?

An NDIS plan manager is a person who has authorised management over all the financial aspects of an NDIS participant. The primary job role of every plan manager is to efficiently handle NDIS payment and its related tasks including their tracking.

In the following article, we shall give you a detailed guide on how to find the appropriate NDIS manager.

Steps to Get a Plan Manager 

To find an NDIS Plan Manager follow these steps in order:

Step 1: Understand the Plan Management Options

Before proceeding to get an NDIS manager, first understand the different options you can choose from. You can either go for self-management, plan management, and NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) management.

Step 2: Check Your Plan

Conduct a thorough review of your NDIS plan before looking for plan managers. Check whether your NDIS plan is registered for plan management services. You can check your eligibility in the “improved life choices” section of the plan document.

Step 3: Verify with the NDIS Directory

Once you have verified that you are eligible for a plan manager, go to Click on “NDIS provider finder” to find your nearest provider and contact them for a plan manager. 

Step 4: Get in Touch with Local Organisations

We recommend visiting local disability support organisations to get in touch with other individuals and ask for their recommendations. These recommended plan managers are one of the most trusted managers you can get due to having previous experience.

Step 5: Interact with Potential Plan Managers

Next, after consulting your family, friends and local organisations, create a list of potential managers. Get in touch with them to understand if they are qualified enough to understand your unique circumstances and provide you with the same amount of assistance you require.

Step 6: Compare the Candidates and Choose

Finally, compare the shortlisted candidates and select the appropriate NDIS plan manager you think is suitable for you. However, before making decisions, make sure to have an open conversation with them about their experiences, expectations, fees etc. Always go for individuals you feel comfortable interacting with.

2 Reasons You Should Opt for an Experienced Plan Manager

2 key advantages an efficient plan manager provides you with are:

  1. Financial Expertise

Being well-versed in the funding and utilisation process of NDIS funds, an efficient plan manager helps you to make informed financial decisions. They see to it that the funds are used efficiently and appropriately as per your needs.

  1. Reduced Administrative Burden

Your plan manager is in charge of handling all the paperwork regarding the funds you receive. This makes your administrative tasks hassle-free enabling you to focus more on your wellbeing.

Along with the abovementioned advantages of an NDIS plan manager, they are the second individual after you to know about your needs. They utilise the funds allocated to you and provide more personalised care at your convenience.

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