Four Signs Your Roof Needs Help

The roof house is the shield that protects you from the brutal weather elements, such as the blazing sun, rain, hail, storms, etc. Typically, roofs can last longer than two decades – but – eventually, as with other things – roofs can deteriorate.

Aging shingles can fall off, break, bend – or – simply fall apart.

Nonetheless, as a homeowner, watch out for these signs that indicate that your roof needs help.

The Roof is Old

The first sign that you need to opt for roofing installation is that your roof has turned old. When we say old, we mean that your roof is older than two decades – turning three decades already. If you haven’t built your house from scratch, then you should check the home receipt to know the date of the last roof replacement.

If you see that the time frame has passed, then it is definitely time to plan a new roof installation.

There Are Missing Shingles

The only way to know whether you have missing shingles or not is by actually climbing onto the roof for a roof inspection. Nonetheless, the thing is that missing shingles are not a good sign as these indicate that the adhesive that is holding the bottom part of the shingles in place has started to loosen up.

If the adhesive has started to get loose, you should know that now, all it will take is a gust of wind to blow the majority of the shingles off. If only a few shingles are missing, then it is not the end of the world for your roof. Just call a roofing repair person, and they will do the quick repair for you.

There Are Cracked Shingles

Apart from missing shingles, you should watch out for cracked shingles. Of course, you won’t be able to detect cracked shingles from the ground, which is why you should inspect the roof from close by either climbing up the roof or flying a drone above it to detect cracked shingles.

The safest way, however, is to hire a professional roof repair person who can do the inspection for you. Usually, cracked shingles are caused by expanded shingles caused by heat. When the temperature drops, the singles contract, which, over time, causes them to crack. If the cracked shingles aren’t replaced in time – you will have to opt for roof installation due to the structural damage caused by cracked shingles.

The Roof is Sagging

As a homeowner, you should never take a sagging roof lightly. In fact, if the roof is sagging, it is a tell-tale sign that you need to install a new roof as soon as possible. The underlying causes of a sagging roof typically include serious structural issues that exist underneath the shingles, such as water damage.

Nonetheless – you get the point, in case of a sagging roof, you are more likely to walk the extra mile of getting a new roof installed. On that note, beware of the signs of water damage to your roof because if you overlook it, you will have to pay a heavy price for the roof installation.

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