Daniel Ortega’s Double Standard on International Law

Daniel Ortega’s Double Standard on International Law
Daniel Ortega together with his main allies at a celebration for the Entire world Court ruling in favor of Nicaragua in a maritime dispute with Colombia. Photograph: The Presidency

He requests Colombia to abide by the Hague ruling but ignores the ruling of the Intercontinental Courtroom pertaining to his human legal rights obligations.

By Octavio Enríquez (Confidencial)

HAVANA Times – Daniel Ortega’s speech just after the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which established that Colombia violated Nicaragua’s territorial waters, became another position of questioning to the dictator when he demanded that the South American state abide by the resolution in “the interest of respect for international law.”

Ortega himself, his wife Rosario Murillo and the Condition beneath his command have dismissed Nicaragua’s respective global commitments to regard human legal rights, a make a difference that also is section of worldwide law.

“It is as legitimate to comply with the rulings on (territorial) demarcation as it is with the sentences that have to do with human legal rights and prisoners of conscience,” claimed a diplomat talking on condition of anonymity.

A jurist consulted, who prefers anonymity, claimed that Ortega demonstrates “hypocrisy” in issues of worldwide legislation “by filling his mouth with the Hague ruling and, on the other hand, loftily ignoring the sentences of the Inter-American Court docket on Human Legal rights (I/A Court HR) which is also an worldwide court.”

“An worldwide courtroom that has declared Nicaragua in contempt, by disobeying the orders of precautionary measures issued to protect political prisoners who languish and die in its prisons,” he stated in reference to the resolution of November 22 of past yr of the I/A Courtroom HR in the situation of Juan Sebastian Chamorro and other prisoners of conscience, whom it requested to release.

The other political prisoners, to which the I/A Court docket HR resolution refers to, are the also former presidential prospect Felix Maradiaga, former president of the Supreme Council of Non-public Company Jose Adan Aguerri, opposition chief Violeta Granera, amongst other folks.

“In the opinion of the Courtroom, the place taken by Nicaragua, in accordance to which there is no will to comply with what has been ordered, constitutes an act of apparent contempt of the choices of this Court, contrary to the intercontinental principle that imposes on the Condition the obligation to comply with its the treaty obligations in superior faith,” the international court recalled.

Violations to the Constitution

For Juan Carlos Arce, lawyer of the Human Rights Hardly ever Additional Collective, this ask for for “respect” exhibits the regime’s double regular if 1 takes into account its position of absence of determination with the obligations that the place has with the inter-American defense mechanisms that have been lifted for some time to close the repression and disarm its paramilitary forces.

All those commitments are recognized, such as in the Nicaraguan Structure, which Ortega has violated numerous instances right before. A single of them was to alter the Structure to allow to reelect himself in 2011 producing use of a Supreme Courtroom ruling, under his party’s command.

In accordance to short article 46 of the Structure, “every person enjoys the safety of the state and the recognition of the rights inherent to human beings, the unrestricted respect, marketing and protection of human legal rights.”

In the very same constitutional article establishes the validity of rights established forth in devices these types of as the Common Declaration of Human Rights, The American Declaration of the Rights and Responsibilities of Man, the International Covenant on Financial, Social and Cultural Legal rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of the United Nations. Also, the American Convention on Human Legal rights of the Group of American States.

On the other hand, Nicaragua activities a major human rights crisis that has drawn the consideration of the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as very well as the Business of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR).

Much more than 300 individuals were being killed by the State’s abnormal use of pressure when it responded with bullets to 1000’s of protesters in 2018. The Police imposed a state of unexpected emergency, much more than 100,000 Nicaraguans went into exile and there are now 181 political prisoners.

The human rights doctrine

According to the jurist, human legal rights are aspect of intercontinental law and are laid down in various treaties, which signatory states are obliged to regard.

“International legislation occurs as Ius Gentium or people’s legal rights. Its creation is in the masterly doctrinal elaborations of the Salamanca School on the legal rights of American indigenous peoples. Ortega must know this and if he does not, his advisors must remind him of it each working day,” he added.

In accordance to the Nicaraguan dictatorship, the Executive was the victim of an tried coup d’état. In 2021, the justice technique beneath Ortega’s manage imprisoned additional than 40 supplemental persons, among the them 7 presidential candidates, hence removing electoral levels of competition in the November presidential election farce, in which he reelected himself by sowing dread among the the citizens.

Because then, the ruler has taken care of that he was the target of a conspiracy to overthrow him. In his speeches he at this time attacks the Catholic Church, the United States, the European Union and Colombia because they have questioned him in different international discussion boards to respect human legal rights and to immediately return the nation to democracy.

The Firm of American States (OAS) reiterated with a the greater part of 27 nations the connect with to release political prisoners in February 2022 and declared them selves appalled by the loss of life in captivity of retired Basic Hugo Torres, a her of the anti-Somoza wrestle who became a political prisoner of the Ortega dictatorship.

“The situation of his detention and untimely dying constitutes a agonizing injustice each for him and his bereaved spouse and children, and an affront to the values for which out nations stand,” the regional body’s assertion explained.

The OAS also declared last November as illegitimate the final results of the voting that very same thirty day period, via which Ortega extended his time period in electric power for a fourth consecutive term with his spouse as vice president for the second time. The Nicaraguan routine has ignored the phone of the greater part of the worldwide group which has demanded the launch of political prisoners and, instead, has strengthened its ties with China and Russia.

The Hague ruling, pointing out the violations of Nicaragua’s maritime legal rights by Colombia, was viewed as by Paul Reichler, Nicaragua’s previous advisor to the ICJ, as a historic victory.

Of the seven resolutive paragraphs of the ruling, only just one is opposite to the interests of the Central American state. On finding out of the ruling, Colombian President Iván Duque mentioned from San Andrés that he would not let his country’s rights in the Caribbean Sea to be limited.

Reichler resigned his article just after extra than 20 a long time of company to the region, questioning Ortega for installing a new dictatorship “not contrary to the one particular he aided overthrow with sham elections, a submissive legislature, a corrupt judiciary incapable of delivering justice, and the silencing of absolutely free speech and independent media.”

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