Belarus: UN report reveals extent of violations in human rights crackdown |

The report details the results of OHCHR’s examination of the human ideal predicament in Belarus, mandated by the UN Human Legal rights Council.

The review handles the operate-up to the disputed 9 August 2020 elections – in which sitting down President Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory amidst prevalent allegations of vote rigging – up to 31 December 2021, drawing on 145 very first-hand interviews, as perfectly as “analysis of a vast range of information and facts and evidence”, claimed the OHCHR.

No justice: Bachelet

“The assessment not only lays bare the violations inflicted on folks making an attempt to workout their basic human rights, but highlights the lack of ability of victims to access justice,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Legal rights, Michelle Bachelet.

The authorities’ intensive and sustained actions to crush dissent and repress civil culture, impartial media and opposition groups, whilst at the exact time shielding perpetrators, details to a circumstance of comprehensive impunity in Belarus”, she additional.  

When victory was declared by the president in August, hundreds of 1000’s rallied to voice their opposition peacefully, meeting a “massive and violent crackdown”, the report says, with arrests and detentions reaching a scale unparalleled in Belarus.

The report says testimony suggests arrests have been mainly random, with security forces pursuing and subduing any particular person in just access.

‘Climate of fear’

In addition, males with out insignia and sporting balaclavas took component in the compelled dispersal of protests, “creating a climate of fear and lawlessness,” the report says. Broad use of avoidable and disproportionate drive consistently violated people’s legal rights, including to flexibility of expression, assembly and association.

In between May possibly 2020 and May possibly 2021, at the very least 37,000 men and women were detained, numerous of them put in administrative detention for up to 15 times. Some 13,500 people have been arbitrarily arrested and detained in between 9 and 14 August by itself.

The report suggests that torture and sick-remedy have been widespread and systematic, with men and women targeted for their real or perceived opposition to the Govt or the election outcomes.

A lot of victims feared submitting a criticism, when those people who did experienced their cases dismissed.

Prisons filling up

By the conclude of previous calendar year, 969 folks ended up becoming held in jail on what OHCHR’s investigation implies are purely politically enthusiastic expenses, with numerous activists supplied sentences of 10 yrs or extra. By 4 March, this figure had risen to 1,084.

Just after the election, the Government continued to harass individuals in search of to workout their legal rights.

In September 2020, the authorities commenced urgent rates against opposition figures, human legal rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and standard citizens, a craze that ongoing in the course of 2021, with the Authorities also passing a raft of legislative amendments that even more curbed the exercise of basic freedoms.

Critics targeted

Civil society and human legal rights corporations, as very well as impartial media, ongoing to be specific, states OHCHR.

By October, 270 NGOs experienced been shut down, and by the stop of the year, 32 journalists had been detained and 13 media stores declared “extremist”. 

Legal professionals who defended dissidents, spoke out about human legal rights violations or brought situations to UN human legal rights mechanisms, have been detained, intimidated, faced disciplinary sanctions or had been even disbarred.

As of November 2021, 36 lawyers had missing their licences, reported OHCHR.


OHCHR’s examination uncovered that “men and women had been qualified subsequent a steady sample of pointless or disproportionate use of drive, arrests, detention – including incommunicado detention – torture or unwell-treatment method, rape and sexual and gender-based mostly violence and the systematic denial of thanks course of action and good demo rights”, stated a push launch accompanying the report.

The report also concludes that the scale and styles of the violations identified, their prevalent and systematic nature, and the evidence of official policy, know-how and direction of policy implementation by Belarusian authorities, demands even more evaluation of the accessible evidence from the point of view of relevant global criminal regulation.

Belarus violating intercontinental legislation

The failure to proficiently examine human legal rights violations contravenes Belarus’ obligations beneath worldwide human legal rights regulation, suggests the report, adding that beside the absence of investigations, “there was an active policy to shield perpetrators and avoid accountability, mirrored in the degree of reprisals, intimidation of victims and witnesses, attacks on attorneys and human legal rights defenders”.

The report can make detailed tips to Belarus and other States, to function towards accountability by offered authorized processes, for major violations of international human legal rights law in Belarus.