Achieving Direct Mail Marketing Excellence Using Dimensional Elements

The world might seem to be readily adapting to the digital age. However, the popularity and significance of direct mail marketing solutions are more recognized than ever. Any type of direct mail marketing strategy can be a very effective tool, but there is one that blows the rest out of the water.

A dimensional mailer is by far the most effective out of all direct mail solutions. According to industry research, dimensional mailers have a nearly 100% open rate. Only a few years ago, according to the DMA’s annual Response Rate Report, dimensional mail had the best B2B response rate of all direct mail, at 8.51%.

Dimensional mail is a 3D mail of sorts, different from your typical paper mail. It is a creative and engaging way to set your brand apart from the competition and is used to effectively establish marketing communication with the target audience.

So, what is it that makes dimensional mail to be the king of direct mail advertising services? What are its benefits to your business? Read this blog to find out more about how dimensional mailers are key to achieving direct mail marketing excellence.

What is Dimensional Mail?

Dimensional mail refers to mailers that have a third dimension in addition to the standard length and breadth. These one-of-a-kind mailers stand out by incorporating depth, texture, or interactive components that uniquely capture the prospect’s attention.

While dimensional mailers have greater production costs and require specific postal handling, their effect and engagement levels frequently outweigh the expense. Dimensional mail can be a powerful marketing tool by employing original designs and creative concepts, in turn allowing businesses to make a lasting impression and stand out in a crowded mailbox.

The purpose of dimensional mail is to capture your target audience’s attention by doing these three things:

  • Create enthusiasm about receiving a surprise delivery that is not just a paper envelope or postcard.
  • Induce the target to open the package containing a call to action.
  • Encourage the target to respond to the call to action.

However, one important thing to keep track of is how much are you willing to spend on a dimensional mail campaign. As cost of these non-flat mail pieces can easily rack up if left unchecked. To tackle this problem, small and medium-sized businesses need to work with a very targeted mailer campaign. For large businesses where cost really isn’t that big of an issue, they can opt for a more comprehensive dimensional bulk mail marketing service.

Elements of Dimensional Mail

Dimensional mail is not necessarily flat; it can be a tube, a box, or a pop-up. While dimensional mail can take numerous shapes, marketers think the best pieces share key characteristics:

  • Very specific
  • Has a strong and clear call to action
  • Possesses a “wow” factor
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Is consistent with and connected with a drip marketing campaign

Types of Dimensional Mail

Dimensional mail does not usually have a fixed dimension or shape. However, they can be broadly classified into the following:

3D Mail

3D mailers are known to every corporation with a creative team or an ad agency (and a reasonable DM budget). Marketers enjoy making them and take great delight in making them as entertaining, engaging, and interactive as possible. And, based on higher recall and response rates, 3D mailers could be a major success with customers.

Despite being more labor-intensive than other types of mail, dimensional mail is frequently quite lightweight and may be shipped in bigger volumes at a lower cost.

Pop-Up or Smart Mailers

Dimensional mailers unfurl, explode, or pull effortlessly from their envelopes to create a cleverly interactive freestanding sculpture. According to some studies, response rates for popup direct mailers outperform those of traditional flat pieces by up to 40%. Smart marketers have incorporated QR codes and NFC (near-field communications) into 3D mail to increase reader engagement.

Customized Market Mail aka Shaped Mail

This category is distinguished by its unique physical traits, which include unusual shapes, sizes, and materials. Shaped mail is popular among print and direct mail service providers because it allows them to express brands and messaging in novel and surprising ways.

Perforated reply cards and coupons can be attached to or included with a Customized Market Mail piece for increased impact (and easy tracking).

Dimensional Mail for Direct Mail Marketing Excellence

Here are some practical suggestions to help you create a top-notch dimensional mailer that elevates your business-

Target Strategically: To increase response rates, focus on delivering your dimensional mailer only to a limited number of individuals with an established history of positive engagement, like dependable consumers and important associates.

Maintain Consistency: Making sure your dimensional mailers match your organization’s brand requires integrating colors, types, and language that comply with our corporate identification.

Choose the Right Product: To successfully represent your business, include something enjoyable yet useful as a present or bonus item. Sending out a free trial product as direct mail, for example, is an excellent dimensional mail

Get Creative with Design: Select appropriate envelope or box shapes depending on the message you aim to convey, for an impressive mailer experience.

Include a Compelling Call to Action (CTA): Help guide viewers toward a desired course of action, such as website visits, purchases, or exclusive offers.

Follow up: It is important not to rely merely on the mailer. When sending something, doing so by phone, email, or in person is essential to secure the deal.


What form a dimensional mailer takes is limited only by the creativity of the designer. We have even seen dimensional mailers that have “pop-up” or “pop-out” elements. However, like other marketing pieces, success with a dimensional mailer requires a strong message that connects with the recipient and an effective call to action.

Since costs associated with producing and mailing dimensional mail are more than regular direct mail, targeting high-value recipients is the most effective use of it. For this reason, a dimensional mailer tends to be better for larger businesses with a higher marketing budget.

A couple of ways you can limit the expense of a dimensional mailer is to use folds to create dimension or ship the piece flat, requiring the recipient to assemble the piece as part of the opening experience.


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