A Beginner’s Guide for Fun and Safe Adventure Riding

Adventure riding is a popular activity all around the world. This thrilling activity has also made a strong place in India. It satisfies one’s passion for bikes and desire for adventure. This activity allows one to explore new places, gain thrilling experiences, stay close to nature and challenge oneself.

India has many stunning trails creating multiple opportunities for adventure motorcycling. The different training schools and adventure riding camps have encouraged the expansion of the activity. Several competitions and events organised in and outside the country have further added to its attraction. Experienced riders can easily indulge in solo riding apart from group trips. With sufficient knowledge and education easily available, beginners can also enjoy adventure riding and attain fun experiences. Accurate preparation, planning and attention will ensure safety.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on adventure riding for beginners, including information and suggestions on pre-off-roading preparation as well as tips to use once the trips start!


Last-minute trips can be the most memorable ones; however, an adventure riding trip without any prior preparation is not suggested for a beginner rider. The preparation phase is to educate yourself about the correct vehicle, gears, and the overall concept of off-roading.

Defining Adventure Riding

Exploring rough terrain on a motorcycle is called adventure riding or biking. It can be referred to as off-roading. This activity requires excellent riding skills, not to be confused with standard riding. The condition of the road, type of vehicle and control over the ride make adventure riding stand apart.

The Correct Bike

Adventure motorcycles are specifically designed for rough trails. A specialised suspension system, excellent ground clearance, advanced brakes, robust engines, and larger dual-purpose tyres are some key features. Many start practising off-reading on a roadster bike they own. However, an adventure bike is advisable for maximum thrill and safety.

Four different types of adventure bikes are built, considering the various road conditions.

  • Adventure Sport Bikes: Suitable for long-distance riding trips on and off the beaten track
  • Dual Sport Bikes: Ideal for both on-road and off-road riding
  • Enduros: Designed for the roughest terrain
  • Motocross: Crafted for closed-course racing on jumps and dirt tracks

Understanding and Maintenance of the Bike

Learn about the different body parts and features of the vehicle. The unique features of adventure vehicles are aimed to withstand the harshness of the road and ensure your safety. Adjusting to them will require time since they are different from regular on-road wheelers.

A major rule before any trip on the wheel is conducting a proper check and ensuring the vehicle is functioning adequately. Nevertheless, a mishap can happen on the road. The off-roads may not have garages, service centres or expert mechanics nearby. Therefore, the riders must be equipped to fix small issues. Note that these bikes generally require more maintenance and cleaning due to the rocky terrain they face.

Quality Gear

Thrill should always be paired with necessary safety measures. Best-quality helmets, gloves, and boots are a must. Clothing should be weather and road-appropriate as well. All these gears and accessories must be comfortable. Remember to factor the gears in your overall cost, as these can be expensive.

Necessary Knowledge and Training

There is no scarcity of training schools for adventure riding. Enrolling in one of them will assist riders in learning the best techniques. They will teach body positioning, brakings, dabbing, and other basic riding skills. Besides learning to control the vehicle, these training sessions will also teach how to handle different trails with mud, sand, mountains, etc.

Getting Started

With a suitable bike and an understanding of the activity, begin your off-roading journey with these steps.

Practising Off-Roading

The gap between basic training and hard-earned experience should not be ignored. It is better to start off-roading on easier trails and gradually move to harder roads. Your skills will enhance as you practise, preparing you for the most challenging rides.

Finding Trails

Finding exciting trails and gathering knowledge about them online is easy. You can further learn about trails from your riding communities and various events.

Planning Ahead of the Trip

You should know thoroughly about the trail, different routes, road conditions, stoppages, and distance from main roads before you embark on the journey. Check a weather forecast to prepare yourself best. Furthermore, locate the nearest medical help and servicing centres for emergencies.

Packing for the Trip

Your luggage should have weather-appropriate clothes, shoes, rain gear, water, snacks, a phone and a charger. Packaging a tyre repair kit, multi-tool, and first-aid kit are also important tools. Consider the length of the trip while packing. You must pack all required items but ensure the luggage is not too heavy.

Some Important Tips

Find a few tips for the best adventure riding experience below.

  • Riding Community: It is not mandatory but highly suggested. Being part of a riding community will make your beginning days smoother. You will get to learn from experienced riders, and it will be safer than riding solo.
  • Rest: Fatigue is a common issue faced by many riders. Taking adequate rest is important even for experienced riders to catch their breath, stretch their body and prevent issues like fatigue.
  • Connectivity: A digital map will help you track the routes. Keep an active GPS tracker for your safety reasons so that others can track you if needed.
  • Vehicle Modification: Suppose you have one of the best adventure bikes, like the BMW G310 GS. They will have all the required features. However, not all riders are the same. Required modifications of the suspension, tyre, seats, etc., will make your ride more comfortable.


Every adventure riding experience should be thrilling and safe. As you explore off-roading more, you will be able to handle the rockiest terrain. However, the beginning phase should be about learning apart from having fun.

A large investment will be required when you start adventure riding. The first investment might be the bike. You should pick from a list of the top adventure bikes. Compare the BMW 310 GS price and features with Yezdi Adventure, Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250, and other top bikes! Do consider associated costs like gears, modifications and training.

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