4 Tips to Keep Your AC Running This Summer

As the scorching heat of summer approaches, having a well-functioning air conditioning system becomes essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. However, even the most reliable AC units require proper care and maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently throughout the season. This article presents four valuable tips to help you keep your AC running smoothly during the summer months. Whether you’re in need of AC replacement or AC installation in Ogden, these tips will assist you in maximizing your system’s performance.

Schedule Regular Maintenance: 

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Consider scheduling a professional tune-up before the summer begins, especially if your system is older or hasn’t been serviced for a while. Professional technicians can inspect and clean the internal components of your AC, ensuring that it operates at optimal levels. Regular maintenance can also help identify any potential issues early on, preventing major breakdowns and costly repairs down the line.

If you find that your AC is consistently underperforming or is beyond repair, it might be time to consider AC replacement in Ogden. A reputable HVAC company can provide expert guidance on selecting a new unit that suits your needs and budget. Their professional technicians can handle the installation process efficiently, ensuring your new AC operates flawlessly.

Keep the Filters Clean:

Air filters play a vital role in the performance and longevity of your AC system. They help trap dust, debris, and allergens, preventing them from circulating throughout your home. Over time, these filters can become clogged, obstructing airflow and reducing your AC’s efficiency. Dirty filters also strain the system, potentially leading to increased energy consumption and wear and tear on the unit.

To maintain optimum airflow and keep your AC running smoothly, clean or replace the air filters regularly. It’s a simple task that can have a significant impact on your system’s performance. By ensuring clean air filters, you’ll enhance indoor air quality and promote efficient cooling throughout your home.

Clear the Outdoor Unit:

The outdoor unit of your AC, commonly referred to as the condenser, is exposed to various external elements like dirt, leaves, and debris. Accumulation of these materials can obstruct the airflow and hinder the unit’s heat dissipation process, affecting its overall efficiency. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly inspect and clear the area around the outdoor unit.

Before performing any cleaning or maintenance tasks, ensure the AC unit is turned off. Gently remove any debris from the surrounding area, such as leaves, grass clippings, or branches. Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the condenser coils, removing any dirt or dust buildup. By keeping the outdoor unit clean, you’ll promote optimal airflow and enhance your AC’s cooling capacity.

Optimize Temperature Settings and Usage:

Setting the thermostat to the most suitable temperature is a crucial aspect of efficient AC operation. Aim for a temperature that provides comfort while minimizing energy consumption. Consider using a programmable thermostat, which allows you to schedule temperature adjustments based on your daily routine. For example, you can set the temperature slightly higher when you’re away from home and lower it before your return.

Additionally, avoid drastic temperature changes or extreme settings, as they can strain your AC unit and increase energy consumption. Using ceiling fans or portable fans can help circulate the cool air, allowing you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher without sacrificing comfort.


By following these four tips, you can ensure your air conditioning system operates efficiently and reliably throughout the summer. Regular maintenance, cleaning or replacing filters, clearing the outdoor unit, and optimizing temperature settings are all essential for keeping your AC in top condition. If your AC is outdated or no longer functioning optimally, consider seeking professional advice for AC installation in Ogden. Reputable HVAC companies in Ogden can provide expert guidance on selecting the right replacement unit for your specific needs and budget. Their experienced technicians will handle the installation process with precision, ensuring that your new AC operates flawlessly and efficiently.

Remember, investing in a new AC unit is not only beneficial for your comfort but also for energy savings. Modern air conditioning systems are designed to be more energy-efficient, which can lead to reduced energy bills in the long run. If your current AC is old or inefficient, upgrading to a new unit can help you enjoy the improved cooling performance while saving on energy costs.

Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential for optimal performance and comfort during the hot summer months. Schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups, and consider AC replacement in Ogden if your current unit is outdated or no longer functioning efficiently. Keeping the filters clean, clearing the outdoor unit, and optimizing temperature settings are simple yet effective steps to ensure that your AC operates at its best. Contact us for the best HVAC services in Ogden.

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